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PRP Hair Restoration

Achieve Thicker, Fuller Hair — Naturally

Having a thick and luscious head of hair is often regarded as a sign of health and virility. Unfortunately for many aging men and women, thinning hair, excessive shedding, and receding hairlines are an embarrassing and frustrating reality. Did you know that it’s now possible to use growth factors in your own blood to remedy hair loss frustration? This is exciting news for those looking for hair growth solutions. At Hormone Therapy of Orlando, we are pleased to offer PRP Hair Restoration as a sound treatment option to regrow hair.

What is PRP?

PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma, a substance derived from your blood. Blood has two main components: red blood cells and plasma. The plasma contains white blood cells and platelets. These platelets are rich in growth factors that stimulate hair follicles.

In addition to stimulating hair growth, the growth factors in PRP are also routinely used to treat a range of health issues including arthritis, joint pain, muscle injuries, and tendonitis. As an anti-aging tool, PRP is increasingly popular in aesthetic treatments like skin rejuvenation and microneedling.

Fortify Your PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

PRP may be used alone or in combination with cell nanoparticles that supercharge the efficacy of PRP. These cell nanoparticles are tiny, growth factor-rich, extracellular vesicles that encourage healing. These cell nanoparticles amplify the anti-inflammatory and healing properties of PRP through their facilitation of cell-to-cell communication. Cell nanoparticles may also be administered during many of our other services including:

  • What’s Involved in a PRP Treatment?

    We centrifuge a vial of your blood to separate out platelet-rich plasma that is then injected into the scalp using a very small gauge needle. The growth factors immediately begin to stimulate inactive hair follicles. The injection sites are pre-numbed, so there is little discomfort during treatment. The procedure takes about an hour and there is no downtime after treatment.

    While you may notice new hair growth in as little as two months, it usually takes three to five months for others to notice your subtly changing appearance.

  • Is PRP Hair Restoration Painful?

    The treatment area is numbed with a topical cream to reduce any discomfort. We also offer ProNox™, which is a self-administered anxiety and pain relief system for patient use. ProNox™ uses a nitrous oxide delivery system that works in seconds and wears off minutes after use.

  • How Many PRP Hair Restoration Treatments Will I Need?

    Generally, we recommend 6 sessions every 4 to 6 weeks for optimal regrowth depending on your desired outcome. For long-term care, periodic maintenance treatments are recommended.

  • Who is a Good Candidate for PRP Hair Restoration?

    Anyone noticing a widening part or receding hairline, or seeing excessive hair on the brush is a good candidate for PRP Hair Restoration. However, at this time it is not an option for completely bald people.

  • What are Some Common Causes of Hair Loss?

    Genetics, stress, hormones, medications, leaky gut, and vitamin deficiencies can all cause hair loss or thinning. To give you the best shot at a good outcome, labs to check for certain hormone and vitamin deficiencies are drawn, reviewed, and addressed before your initial treatment. Additionally, we supply each appropriate candidate with oral minoxidil, and a topical DHT-blocking hair foam to help support a good outcome. For clients with thyroid dysfunction (hyper or hypo), thyroid treatment is available.

Schedule Your PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

If you want a minimally invasive, non-surgical solution to hair loss, consider PRP Hair Restoration. Because PRP is derived from your blood, there is no chance of an allergic reaction, nor will it be rejected by your immune system. For optimal results, PRP Hair Restoration is most effective during the early stages of hair loss. At your free consultation, our Aesthetics Expert will help guide you on an appropriate course of treatment. Call our office to find out more.


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