Male Sexual Health

Male Sexual Health and Treatment Options

A healthy and satisfying sex life is one of life’s greatest pleasures thanks to one’s libido. The libido — or sex drive — is responsible for creating mental and physical excitement about engaging in sexual activities. A low testosterone level is the libido’s nemesis.

Loss of a strong libido often results in an unsatisfactory sex life. Stress, depression, thyroid dysfunction, and diabetes may also contribute to a poorly functioning libido leading to erectile dysfunction and low sex drive. The results can be devastating to any relationship — not only do they affect one’s self-esteem, but partners may be left feeling insecure or unwanted.

Treatments that Restore a Man’s Sexual Health

At Hormone Therapy of Orlando, we offer several treatment options to restore a man’s sexual health. Through a simple blood test, we can determine the root cause of the problem, which is key to creating a safe and effective treatment plan. Here are some of the effective treatment options available.

  • Medication

    Erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra® and Cialis® are popular ways to increase blood flow to the penis. They work by helping to relax muscles and arteries inside the penis. This combination of relaxation and increased blood flow enables erections when aroused. At Hormone Therapy of Orlando, we offer generic ED medications that share the same active ingredient as the name-brand meds and work the same way — all at significant savings. Our ED medication may also be helpful in cases of premature ejaculation.

  • Peptide Therapy

    Peptide Therapy stimulates various glands to increase the production of hormones needed for healthy function. Of particular importance to men is peptide PT-141, as it can increase sexual health by stimulating the production of one’s own Human Growth Hormone. The result is an improved libido and the resolution of many complaints regarding performance. Our clients who use PT-141 peptide therapy have reported incredible results. Read more about Peptide Therapy here.

  • PRP Treatment: The Endura Shot

    Commonly referred to as the P-shot, this treatment involves using a client’s blood to derive platelet-rich plasma that is then injected into the penis. A single treatment can produce results that last between 12 and 18 months and may include relief from erectile dysfunction, increased libido, increased sexual stamina, and increased blood circulation to the penis, among other benefits. Read more about the Endura Shot here.

  • Hormone Therapy

    A man’s testosterone level naturally and gradually decreases with age. At some point, the testosterone hormone level may become so low that it makes sex less enjoyable, or even less possible. The good news is hormone deficiencies are correctable. At Hormone Therapy of Orlando, we offer a comprehensive blood test that accurately analyzes a man’s hormone levels. If we discover that low testosterone is the issue, we may recommend Testosterone Replacement Therapy. This may be all you need to restore your sexual health. 

Schedule Your Male Sexual Health Treatment

A consultation with our specialist at Hormone Therapy of Orlando will guide you in deciding your best treatment option. By uncovering the underlying cause of your sexual problems, we can help you fully enjoy the treasure of a satisfying and healthy sex life.


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