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Senolytic Therapy

An Emerging Tool in the Anti-Aging Arsenal

No one has ever counted, but it’s estimated that the human body has at least 37 trillion cells. Of those, nearly 100 billion die each day, replaced by new cells. Some of those cells are known as senescent cells. However, as we age, senescent cells begin to accumulate and greatly contribute to organ and tissue dysfunction. In the natural process, senescent cells stop replicating and they issue inflammatory signals that attract immune cells to destroy them.

However, the problem is that a small fraction of senescent cells avoid destruction and they linger, polluting surrounding tissues with continual inflammatory signals. Lingering senescent cells have been identified as a significant cause of aging and age-related dysfunction. They secrete a potent and inflammatory mix of signals that rouses the immune system to destructive chronic inflammation, degrades surrounding tissue structure and function, and encourages other cells to also become senescent. Malfunctioning senescent cells accelerate the development of nearly all age-related diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and cancer.

What is Senolytic Therapy?

Senolytic therapy involves the selective destruction of senescent cells in old tissues to turn back the progress of numerous age-related conditions. This is accomplished using senolytic drugs. Senolytic drugs are agents that selectively destroy senescent cells that have accumulated in many tissues with aging and are present at sites of pathology in multiple chronic diseases.

A combination dose of Dasatinib and Quercetin is proving to be effective in destroying senescent cells. Since senescent cells are biochemically distinct from normal cells, this drug combination selectively kills only them, without harming normal cells. Dasatinib was originally developed as a treatment for cancer while Quercetin is a natural product present in many foods such as apples. This senolytic combination eliminates the malfunctioning senescent cells that cause disease progression and complications.

  • More Facts About Senolytic Therapy

    We also offer treatments that complement and potentiate senolytic therapies. These include:

    • Rejuvenation of tissues may occur once the senescent cells are destroyed
    • Senolytics show promise to alleviate insulin resistance, proteinuria, and renal dysfunction caused by high fat diet-induced or genetic obesity
    • The course of therapy is short-term
    • Ongoing studies have shown that in the absence of senescent cells, tissues often show surprising levels of rejuvenation. Some features of aging once thought to be irreversible appear to improve as tissue becomes more functional.

    Here at Hormone Therapy of Orlando, we offer pharmaceutical-grade Dasatinib+Quercetin for those who want to experience this cutting-edge anti-aging therapy.

  • Complementary Anti-Aging Tools

    Peptide Therapy. The peptide Epitalon can repair damaged cells and create new ones by increasing the production of telomerase, an enzyme responsible for replicating DNA. Extending the lifespan of the cell gives the entire body an extension of life. Find out more about the anti-aging peptide Epitalon here.

    Hormone Replacement Therapy. Optimal hormone levels play a huge role in keeping the body functioning at its best. Hormone production diminishes over the years leading to imbalances which Hormone Replacement Therapy can rebalance. This therapy has a proven track record of increasing bone density, supporting healthy brain function, and lowering the risk of diabetes and other unhealthy disorders.

Schedule Your Senolytic Therapy Treatment

Everyone ages, but not everyone ages well. Fortunately, anti-aging therapies such as these are now available to make aging better, both physically and mentally. We can help you decide which anti-aging therapy is best for you. Then you can expect big changes in how you view aging, how you experience aging, and perhaps even how you celebrate aging.


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