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Hormone Therapy

What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy corrects hormonal imbalances caused by aging, stress, and other factors. During menopause in women and andropause in men, hormone production naturally diminishes. In some individuals, hormones can plummet unexpectedly due to certain health conditions such as hysterectomy and prostatectomy.

While we don’t often think about our hormones, most of us can remember our younger years when those hormones were raging. We were full of energy and enthusiasm, had strong bones, enviable muscles, and a great sex drive. But then things began to change, ever so slowly. By the time the 40th birthday comes along, we start to notice we can’t sleep well, we’re anxious and moody, we’re getting wrinkles, and we’re gaining weight while losing muscle and libido. Any of these are enough to make a person depressed, which itself is another result of decreased hormone production.

These are just a few of the symptoms of unbalanced hormones in men and women. Hormones play a huge role in keeping us feeling well and looking good, affecting everything from skin issues to sexual issues. If you are getting older and starting to feel it, you may be wise to find out if a hormone imbalance is to blame. At Hormone Therapy of Orlando, this is where we shine.

How Safe is Hormone Therapy?

Any risks associated with hormone therapy are greatly reduced when using a combination of the right hormone replacement products under the direction of a hormone expert. At Hormone Therapy of Orlando, our specialists have extensive training and experience overseeing and monitoring this niche therapy. To further minimize risk, we primarily use bioidentical hormones (as opposed to synthetic). Bioidentical hormones mimic the composition and function of the body’s naturally occurring hormones. Most bioidentical hormones are plant and yam based, formulated at specialty pharmacies, and custom compounded for each client’s unique needs.

We take a lot of time with each patient before recommending a treatment plan. A comprehensive blood panel, in-depth consultation, and thorough understanding of a client’s symptoms, goals, lifestyle, and medical history enable us to make sound recommendations for optimal results. Because we continually monitor each hormone therapy patient, adverse risks are greatly minimized.

  • I’m a 44-Year-Old Male Starting to Have Trouble Maintaining an Erection. Is My Sex Life Over?

    The first thing you should suspect is that your testosterone levels have begun to plummet. Testosterone levels in men peak around 18 to 19 years old. After a man’s optimal reproductive years are over, testosterone production steadily declines at an annual rate of about 1% per year. It’s not surprising that at 44 your diminished testosterone level is likely the culprit of your ED troubles. The age-related decline in testosterone along with other symptoms is referred to as andropause. 

    We specialize in testosterone replacement therapy here at Hormone Therapy of Orlando. This therapy involves a very simple blood test to determine testosterone levels, followed by an effective therapy to boost those levels back to optimal. In short, no, your sex life is not over. With our testosterone replacement therapy, your best sex life might just be one phone call away. Read more about Hormone Therapy for Men here.

  • I'm a 51-Year-Old Woman and I am Hot! Just Not in a Good Way. What is Menopause Doing to Me?

    It sounds like you are experiencing the effects of diminishing hormonal levels that most women in their 50s experience. Over the past decade or so, your levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone have been steadily dropping. This phase is called perimenopause. You arrive at menopause when those hormone levels drop below a certain range reflected on labs. Those dwindling levels usually produce obvious and frustrating physical changes. So what is menopause doing to you? It’s giving you hot flashes, weight gain, and a plummeting libido, among many other undesirable effects.

    However, there is light at the end of the menopause tunnel. With the advances in bioidentical hormones, these changes are not only manageable but correctable. At Hormone Therapy of Orlando, we pride ourselves on the success of the thousands of women we have helped throughout the years. Read more about Hormone Therapy for Women here.


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